hank aaron 1973

Hanging Up the Hammer: Remembering the great Hank Aaron

Why couldn’t Friday morning just be a normal morning? Why couldn’t we all just get up, go to work and go about our days like …

dlr19072419 angels at dodgers

Lower-cost power bats the Braves could pursue

The most recent buzz from the rumor mill is that the Braves are eyeing All-Star catcher JT Realmuto, and obviously, they remain alive in the …

cem200802 tex at hou005

Report: Braves were in on George Springer until the end

The Braves have been silent since before Thanksgiving when they signed Charlie Morton to a one-year contract. Which, as you can expect, has the fan …

dgm2009010016 cle at kc

Opinion: JT Realmuto and a blockbuster trade would make the Braves World Series favorites

If you missed my report earlier today — apparently, Atlanta is making a serious push to sign JT Realmuto. However, what if that’s not all the Braves …

dhw200813016 orioles at phillies

Braves: Is JT Realmuto a good fit in Atlanta?

Braves fans have waited patiently for months, and we’ve finally got a juicy free agency rumor to report. Earlier today, Robert Murray leaked that Atlanta …

dlv200828012 atl at phi

Braves Report: Atlanta is “circling on” JT Realmuto in free agency

I don’t really think Alex Anthopoulos lets a lot of stuff like this out, so while I’m skeptical and surprised, this is a signing I …

357180705026 braves at philliese

Braves: What the projections say for the organization’s top prospects

One aspect of baseball that makes the sport so interesting is its stats. Compared to the other major sports, baseball is certainly a numbers game, …

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