hank aaron 1973

Hanging Up the Hammer: Remembering the great Hank Aaron

Why couldn’t Friday morning just be a normal morning? Why couldn’t we all just get up, go to work and go about our days like …

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Braves 2021 Prospect Profile: No. 24 Alex Jackson

Our 2021 Prospect Profile series continues with a player that’s been part of Atlanta’s prospect system for several years now, catcher Alex Jackson.  Check out the site’s …

ccx190305 02167atl v nyy

Braves: Pache, Anderson and Waters make Baseball America’s latest Top 100 list

The lack of a minor league season last year sure didn’t hurt the Braves three most exciting prospects as outfielders Cristian Pache and Drew Waters, …

953200927223 atl v bos

Braves: With Springer and Brantley off the market, can the Braves afford Marcell Ozuna?

Free agency has been as slow as possible this offseason; however, we knew it had to speed up eventually, and it’s exploded over the last …

dmd2008091092 hou v oak

The Braves shouldn’t be interested in a three-year deal for Michael Brantley

Baseball’s national media made a pretty major gaffe today, announcing pre-maturely that Michael Brantley had reached a three-year deal with the Blue Jays, joining his good buddy George …

9531907040028 braves v phillies

Braves Opinion: MLB free agency is exceptionally boring

With Marcell Ozuna still unsigned, Atlanta fans haven’t gotten much free agent news since Charlie Morton signed with the team way back on November 24th. …

dnu200913010 cle at min

Braves: Does Nelson Cruz make sense as a backup plan for Marcell Ozuna?

Over the weekend, Buster Olney reported that it was unlikely that Marcell Ozuna fits into the Braves financial plans. While he was hypothesizing much more …

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