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Braves: Will there be an abbreviated training period before the start of the season?

With the way things are going, it’s fair to question if there will even be an MLB season. But I’m optimistic and also understand that …

13214060947 braves at rockies

Braves: From janitor to World Series champion, the beginning and end of the Evan Gattis story

There are the inspirational rags-to-riches stories, and then there’s the adventure of Evan Gattis, whose tale maybe didn’t quite reach the highest of peaks, but …

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SportsTalkATL Braves Poll: What will MLB look like in 2020?

While none of us know what to expect in the coming weeks or months ahead, the situation regarding the current coronavirus pandemic has worsened lately. …

aav19050210 braves vs padres

Braves: Taking a look at the battle among lefty bullpen arms

The MLB season may not start for a while, but they are going to do everything in their power to make sure games are played, …

suntrust park opening day 2017

Pandemic on First: COVID-19 and the Impact on the Atlanta Braves

The year is 1918. A rare and misunderstood strand of the flu is running rampant, eventually wiping out 50 million people around the world; 675,000 …

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Braves: A chance to re-watch an important part of history starts tonight on ESPN

Say what you want about the Worldwide Leader in Sports and its coverage of MLB the last several years, but ESPN has now put together …

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How the Braves might alter their starting rotation in a shortened season

The recent news about the agreement between the MLB and MLBPA gives us hope that there will indeed be a 2020 season, but it also …

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