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3 Key players for the Falcons offense to be successful

On paper, the Falcons offense is set to soar, as it often has with Matt Ryan under center, especially recently. However, this group has the …

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Where do the Falcons offensive weapons rank in the NFL?

The Falcons, as they have been for well over a decade, are built around a high-powered offense. Once again, that looks to be the case …

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Falcons extension candidates: Brian Hill

Yesterday, I talked about the possibility of the Falcons extending Todd Gurley, who signed a one-year deal this offseason worth up to $6 million. This …

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Atlanta Falcons game by game predictions: Week 15

In the third to last week of the season, the Falcons finally have their first meeting with the new-look Buccaneers, featuring Tom Brady and Rob …

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Falcons roster breakdown by position: Interior Defensive Line

After breaking down the Falcons on the EDGE, we move to the interior defensive line, which should be a position of strength for the Falcons …

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Atlanta Falcons extension candidates: Todd Gurley

We are now onto our third potential extension candidate for the Falcons, and this is one a lot of Georgia people will be excited about. …

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Falcons extension candidates: Alex Mack

As we enter our second installment of Falcons’ extension candidates, we take a look at a 34-year-old center that has been the heart of Atlanta’s …

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