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Falcons bolster trenches on Day 2 of NFL Draft

After making Bijan Robinson the highest-drafted running back since Squon Barkley went 2nd overall in 2018, the Falcons addressed the trenches with their second and …

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Former Falcons All-Pro to announce Day 2 draft pick

The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books, and the Falcons came away with Bijan Robinson, arguably the most talented player in …

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Bijan Robinson

Falcons: Todd McShay marks Bijan Robinson as best first-round pick

The only thing more entertaining than the crazy rumors leading up to the NFL Draft are the wild overreactions in the days following. In reality, …

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Best Prospects Available for the Falcons on Day 2 of the 2023 Draft

The Falcons have picks 44 and 75 on Friday, with the potential to add more. There‚Äôs a few names that have slid down the board, …

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Draft Rumor: Falcons tried to trade back into the first round for a defender

Draft rumors are like elbows, just about everyone has them. We got one today about the Falcons potentially moving back up into the first round: …

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Bijan Robinson

Did the Falcons land the best player in the draft in Bijan Robinson?

All indications prior to the draft were pointing to the Falcons taking Bijan Robinson. Normally, that doesn’t mean squat, but this time, it went according …

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Falcons reportedly would’ve drafted Paris Johnson if available

The Falcons made quite a polarizing pick in last night’s first round when they made Bijan Robinson the highest running back taken since Saquon Barkley …

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Falcons 2023 Day 2 Mock Draft

The first round of the 2023 NFL Draft came as advertised, with plenty of chaos to go around. I managed to go 1/1 with my …

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Falcons land most fun player in the draft

The first round of the NFL Draft is over, and it was one of the most exciting cycles in years because of its unexpecting twists …

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A draft day trade the Falcons should mull over

The NFL Draft is here, and the Falcons are primed to add another blue chip caliber prospect in the new regime’s third offseason with a …

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