Falcons: If Julio Jones is traded, will Kyle Pitts get more looks on the boundary?

Rumors continue to swirl that the Falcons will deal Julio Jones in the coming days, and fans are understandably upset. On this week’s Talkin’ Birdy …

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Falcons: Who could potentially replace Julio Jones in the 2022 free-agent and draft classes?

It is all but certain the Falcons will be without Julio Jones in 2021, given all the trade rumors circulating in Atlanta right now. Today …

488181216670 cardinals falcons

Falcons Report: Patriots tried to trade for the 4th overall pick and Julio Jones in a “mega deal”

It seems that the Patriots were very aggressive in the 2021 NFL Draft, and they may have tried to pull off one of the biggest …

ddn1910123745 florida at lsu

Falcons rookies will play a vital role in team’s overall success

The Falcons roster is compromised of a variety of players in terms of their career trajectories. Some veterans are clearly closer to the end of …

cbw191130949 osu at mich

The Falcons could start two rookie offensive linemen, and that’s okay

You can’t win in this league without protecting your quarterback, and I’ll prove it to you. Over the past three seasons, Ryan has been sacked …

cgw21013098 seniorbowl

Talkin’ Birdy: Breaking down the Falcons defensive prospects taken in the draft

Episode 3 of Talkin’ Birdy is here. This week, Matt and Alex break down the Falcons draft from the defensive side of the ball. They …

Trey Lance

Inside look at Falcons war room shows Trey Lance wasn’t the guy

The Falcons released an 11-minute clip behind the scenes of the 2021 NFL draft. The video begins with the re-playing of notable draft analysts and …

dho19090750294 stan at usc

What Falcons fans can expect of each rookie from 2021 draft class

The Falcons will more than likely carry at least nine rookies, which would make up the team’s 2021 draft class. Rarely ever do rookies come …

axa20191026418 auburn at lsu

Falcons: A way too early look at the 2022 NFL Draft Class

Even with the 2021 NFL Draft just coming to a close, there isn’t much of an offseason for checking out college talent. I have no …

dhn191004136 ucf at cin

Which Falcons rookies will contribute the most in 2021?

Of the nine rookies in the Falcons’ 2021 draft class, only a handful will play meaningful snaps in their first year. For some, adjusting to …

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