Raheem Morris alludes to Falcons draft plans at No. 8 pick

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The Falcons have approached the NFL Draft with the same strategy every single offseason of Terry Fontenot’s tenure — BPA.

The acronym stands for ‘best player available’ and was popularized by Ozzie Newsome, former GM of the Ravens. It’s a simple yet effective strategy. Regardless of the position, even if it bolsters a position of strength, draft the best player available.

The idea is that reaching for a prospect because he fills a position of need is how mistakes happen. The Falcons have had some success with it, but many expect them to go away from the strategy this cycle with Raheem Morris in the fold.

Everyone expects the Falcons to draft Dallas Turner, or another pass rusher, in their mock drafts. However, the aspect of the selection that bugs me is the reasoning — “… the defense needs to improve its pass rush… ”

You can tell me the pick will be Dallas Turner, Jared Verse, or any other prospect because they’re the best player on the board for the Falcons. You lose me when you say anything with roster hole, positional need, etc.

Raheem Morris reiterated his and Terry Fontenot’s approach to the NFL Draft will be to take the best player available.

Raheem Morris is clearly just doing the whole coach-speak, not giving anything away thing, but I do see some truth in his words.

You’d be a fool to ignore the glaring roster needs the Falcons have right now, and they are at premium positions too. In order, Atlanta’s holes are edge, cornerback, and receiver. The Falcons could fill those voids through the draft, and maybe they do, but to act like that’s been Terry Fontenot’s M.O. is asinine.

Like I said, the Falcons could take a pass rusher or a corner and fill their biggest holes, but the pick won’t be because of need.

Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire

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