Falcons among teams to watch for QB in NFL Draft, says Adam Schefter

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Coming into the offseason, the Falcons were considered wild cards for the NFL Draft.

They could stand pat and take the best player available, trade up for a quarterback, or literally any other scenario. That all went out the window when Kirk Cousins signed a $180 million deal to come to Atlanta.

The Falcons now are expected to take a pass rusher with their top pick, but rumblings have begun about the possibility of a quarterback.

Brian Baldinger isn’t some hot take artist like Skip Bayless. He is well respected in the industry, and he had quite the opinion on Atlanta’s draft plans, taking to Twitter to say that he believes the Falcons will take a signal caller in the first round — Michael Penix.

The Falcons aren’t expected to do that, but Adam Schefter isn’t throwing water on the fire. In fact, the NFL insider included Atlanta among the teams that could go after a quarterback, noting the Falcons could want insurance behind Kirk Cousins.

I would say the chances of the Falcons taking a quarterback in the first round are as close to zero without actually saying it’s impossible, but it’s not because of the reason you think.

Most would say the reason is that Kirk Cousins didn’t sign with Atlanta to help groom his successor. I don’t think the Falcons draft a quarterback with their top pick because there’s not one worth taking at eight.

Michael Penix and Bo Nix will likely be the only prospects still on the board when Atlanta is on the clock, and if Fontenot took one of them, I’d be shocked.

The Falcons signaled to the rest of the league they want to compete. Why else give Kirk Cousins $180 million? There’s a chance they take a flier on Day 2 or Day 3, but in the first round? That’s quite the take.

Photographer: David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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