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Braves Opening Day. Who is hurt by no preseason games the most? The Hawks clean new look… and more. The SportsTalkATL Podcast is back

It’s been a grueling four months for everybody, but sports are back, and so are we. Jake Gordon, Harrison Coburn, and myself safely social distance …

dkb190816006 lad vs atl

Sports are roaring back

Nearly three months ago, the sports world went dormant, beginning with the shutdown of the NBA after Rudy Gobert and others tested positive for the …

dmd191002277 tb at oak
Friday Rants

Friday Rant: The MLB playoff proposal is a money grab joke

It’s really gotten to the point that every time Rob Manfred opens his mouth it gets worse and worse. I honestly did not mind the sanctions …

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Mailbag Monday

Mailbag Monday: Who will be the Braves’ 5th starter?

What are your expectations for the Falcons draft this year? (Jaxson_Mebius on Instagram) I’ve talked about this on the podcast several times, and I’ve probably …

dlt190724047 cubs at giants

Mailbag Monday: Will the Braves go after a third baseman before the season starts?

Today is the day — Mailbag Monday is back! I’m super excited to start doing this column again, allowing me to answer some of your …

dmd20191027154 car at sf

Kyle Shanahan didn’t leave his Super Bowl demons in Atlanta

Kyle Shanahan has cost another team a Super Bowl that they had well in their grasps. It literally never felt like Kansas City was in …

450p124200126011 kobe bryant

Remembering Kobe Bryant

Yesterday still feels like a bad dream. I heard the news of Kobe’s “passing” and brushed it off (I actually told my co-worker he was …

488181216670 cardinals falcons

Friday Rant: Julio Jones snubbed again for First-Team All-Pro

Friday Rants are back baby! We’ve got a juicy one today. First-Team All-Pro selections were announced, and DeAndre Hopkins was somehow selected over Julio Jones. …

9531910201127 atl v lar

Falcons: Stop blaming Matt Ryan

Time and time again, every week, we see FORMER MVP Matt Ryan blasted by fans and sometimes even media members for the team’s woes. I …

avengers21 680x447

The Atlanta Avengers

Captain America – Matt Ryan The elder statesman of Atlanta sports, Matt Ryan, is a natural leader like Cap. Just like when Steve Rogers finally …

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