What’s at stake, historically, during these NBA Finals?

There is always a lot to take in during the NBA Finals, but more than just the bright lights or the sound of Mike Breen’s …


Overreaction Tuesday: Falcons salary cap woes will keep them out of postseason for years

The Falcons could be in for a rude awakening if Terry Fontenot cannot replicate what he did in New Orleans by finding starting-caliber talent that …

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Friday Rants

Friday Rant: Everyone wants to make injury excuses… except for the Hawks

All we’ve heard about these playoffs is how many key players are missing, and rightfully so. Guys like Jamal Murray, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, and …

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Hawks Talon GC fall in season opener versus Hornets Venom GT

ATLANTA – On Thursday evening, Hawks Talon GC, the official NBA 2K League affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks, lost two of their regular-season opening games …

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Friday (Monday) Rant: What is Major League Baseball even doing right now?

I’m calling an emergency Friday rant; I have a lot to get off my chest. I already ranted and raved like almost every other Braves …

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Falcons: Grading every top five draft pick in Atlanta history

As many times as the Falcons have had a top ten draft choice, they have actually never selected fourth overall. There’s still the possibility that …

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March Madness: First round teams on upset alert

This is one of the best weeks of the year, and I think this has the potential to be one of the craziest tournaments in …

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Friday Rant: MLB Pipeline’s prospect rankings dish out some serious disrespect to the Braves

These ranking really don’t mean much… at all, but I thought this would make for a fun friday rant. Atlanta has four prospects ranked in …

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Overreaction Tuesday: The Braves bullpen will be worse in 2021

Following Brad Hand‘s decision to sign with the Nationals, most of the best relievers have found new homes. Liam Hendriks reached a record-breaking deal with the White Sox, Trevor …

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SportsTalkATL’s Mailbag Monday: (1/25)

Thoughts on coaching hires other than Arthur Smith? (@spencerlee_02) Dean Pees will be something completely different from Dan Quinn in that they have two different …

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