Chris Lindstrom’s big purchase after $100+ million contract is all-time football guy stuff

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The NFL changes people’s lives every year. Whether it’s walking across the stage and shaking the commissioner’s hand or singing a deal to acquire generational wealth, players spend their entire lives bleeding over this dream. And Chris Lindstrom continues to check boxes.

After being drafted in the first round of the 2019 draft, the Boston College product has reached heights he may have never thought were possible. Lindstrom has ascended to an All-Pro and was predictably rewarded with a lucrative contract. However, I’m not quite sure Falcons fans were expecting a market-setting deal.

Lindstrom and the Falcons inked a $105 million contract that will pay the right guard $21 million per season. It’s not just an AAV record; there are several facets of the contract that broke records. It’s life-changing money, which can sometimes be a curse, but not for Lindstrom.

I never thought he could become more likable until Tuesday’s media session. Lindstrom told reporters his big purchase after the record-breaking deal was a John Deere tractor.

That is all-time football guy stuff, especially for an offensive lineman. It’s often a thankless job in football, but championships are won in the trenches. And I couldn’t think of a more ironic hobby for the position than grabbing some headphones and doing some manual labor. It’s honestly a perfect story, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy than Chris Lindstrom.

Photographer: Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire


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