Comparing Mercedes-Benz Stadium to the Georgia Dome


Atlanta has a new monument, and it’s quickly capturing attention from all over the world. Although recently the Stadium has been getting negative attention because of the recent Chick-Fil-A news, there are so many amazing things about the new home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. Sadly, with the finishing touches being made on the multi-purpose stadium comes the demolition of the beloved Georgia Dome. The long-time home of the Atlanta Falcons is scheduled for implosion at 7:30 am on November 20th – and while no one wants to see it go, the Dome will quickly be an afterthought once fans make their first trip to Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

So, how does the new Superdome compare to the Georgia Dome? Well,

Outrageous prices are no longer

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is starting a trend that no one could hate. Instead of dropping $20 on a beer and a burger, the new fan first menu will allow customers to cut their spending in half.

Fan favorites like hot dogs and pretzels will be sold for just two dollars, and full meals such as chicken tenders and french fries will be only $6.

Wait times will be much shorter

No one likes missing a whole quarter of the Falcons game just to get some nachos. The Georgia Dome offered 407 places to buy food, along with four restaurants and bars. The limited number of options resulted in long lines and a dreadful experience for a hungry fan, but Mercedes-Benz has got us covered. With 673 points of sale for concessions along with 24 restaurant/bars, fans will be able to fill their needs and get back to the game in no time. Or, they can take a trip to the 100-yard bar at the upper concourse of the stadium.

Beer lovers will also be able to rejoice in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, as there are FORTY-TWO times the amount of beer taps in the new Superdome. Mercedes-Benz will have 1,264 places to fill up your cup, whereas the Dome only had 30. Yes, you read that correctly.

The roof is how big?

Even Julio Jones was surprised when he heard about the size of his new home.

14.5 acres, to be exact – almost six acres bigger than the Georgia Dome. Needless to say, the place is huge.

The roof isn’t the only thing that is huge

Mercedes-Benz will feature a 63,800 square foot, circular LED board. For comparison, the video board at the Dome is only 4,800 square feet. The new display is three times the size of the previous largest display board in the NFL, and it looks incredible.

Although it has taken 39 months to build, perfection takes time, our new 1.5 billion dollar home looks nothing short of perfect. Mercedes-Benz Stadium has already been named the host of the College Football Playoff Championship in 2018, Superbowl LIII in 2019, the NCAA Final Four in 2020, and is being considered as a host venue for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Atlanta United will play their first game at MBS on September 10th, and the Atlanta Falcons will begin their regular season at Mercedes-Benz on September 17th.






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