Cordarrelle Patterson would “love to stay here [Atlanta] forever”

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The Falcons faithful don’t have much to cheer about, but Cordarrelle Patterson has been a constant form of happiness for a fan base that has experienced very little in recent years. Atlanta hasn’t won a game under Arthur Smith in the Benz, and they just lost to Tom Brady for the tenth time, making them winless against the ageless wonder. Patterson is one of the few bright spots of this team. Obviously, players like Grady Jarrett and A.J. Terrell deserve individual praise, but nobody is garnering more national attention than Patterson.

He’s first or second in nearly every offensive statistic for the Falcons, and the city of Atlanta has fallen in love with him. Arthur Smith, the coaching staff, and the front office should all be given credit for their vision and execution of bringing one of the greatest return specialists of all time in for a full-time role. With so much success this year, Patterson could easily test free agency and sign a lucrative contract. But, that might not be what the 30-year-old do-it-all player wants.

Business is business, and Patterson might’ve priced himself out of Atlanta next season; after all, the Falcons don’t have a great salary cap situation next year either. Still, he’s made it abundantly clear many different times that he loves the organization and wants to stay in Atlanta. The Falcons would be wise to work out an extension before other teams can drive up the price, but they must be careful not to overpay. This past offseason, the Falcons found value in Patterson; they shouldn’t just overpay because he’s performing above his one-year, $3 million contract. They’ll do their due diligence, but I wouldn’t marry the idea of bringing Patterson back.


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