Daniel Jeremiah wouldn’t write Dallas Turner’s name in ink for Falcons

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We are less than a week away from the NFL Draft, and the Falcons are expected to take a pass rusher.

Though Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports went as far as to say Michael Penix should be seen as a legitimate possibility, I seriously doubt Atlanta uses their most valuable draft pick on a quarterback after signing Kirk Cousins to a $180 million deal.

Depending on where you look, most people believe it’ll be Dallas Turner, but Daniel Jeremiah is doing his best Lee Corse impression, “Not so fast, my friend!” The NFL insider is heeding a warning that Turner shouldn’t be seen as a lock to come to Atlanta.

“I wouldn’t just put it in ink that Dallas Turner is the pick there with the Atlanta Falcons. I would not rule out any of those other top guys [Jared Verse, Laiatu Latu] there on the defensive line,” Jeremiah said.

Jeremiah also recently pointed out that Byron Murphy shouldn’t be counted out as well.

“If you ask me who the surprise top 10 pick, or who is someone that we just didn’t see coming, that’s Byron Murphy,” Jeremiah said in response to a question from D. Orlando Ledbetter about Latu’s medical concerns.

It’s prime time smoke screen season for the NFL Draft, and the Falcons are clearly caught in a whirlwind of rumors. Atlanta has obvious roster needs, which is why most people believe it’ll be a pass rusher like Verse, Turner or Latu.

I wouldn’t rule out a cornerback, though. Quinyon Mitchell or Terrion Arnold could potentially be A.J. Terrell’s long-term running mate. Rookie cornerbacks excelling immediately are also much more common than pass rushers.

With Cousins in the fold, the Falcons are in win-now mode, so drafting the most NFL-ready prospect should be a consideration.

Photographer: Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

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