Derrick Brown, Panthers relish the spoiler role against playoff-hopeful Falcons

NFL: NOV 27 Broncos at Panthers

The Falcons are set to travel about four hours Northeast to Charlotte to take on the Panthers in a Week 14 contest that means absolutely nothing to Carolina and everything to Atlanta.

The Coachless Cats (trademarking that) are a dead team right now. Not much has gone right for the Panthers this season, and it’s not going to get better until they get the right head coach in the building.

They just got blown out by a lousy Saints team that totaled only 206 yards of total offense. Carolina is in line to end up with the first overall pick, but won’t have the rights to that selection due to the Bryce Young trade. There’s not much to be happy about in Panthers Land.

What could salvage a forgettable season? Ruining your rivals’ season.

Carolina draws Atlanta this week and Tampa Bay in the season finale; both the Falcons and Bucs have postseason aspirations. Hopes the Panthers plan on spoiling.

During a media session, star defensive tackle Derrick Brown told reporters that if his team is going to the couch at the culmination of the regular season, he’s going to bring a few division foes with him.

Despite the Panthers essentially being without a pulse, the Falcons are only three-point favorites because they’re one of the most consistently inconsistent teams in the league right now.

Moreover, the talent discrepancy between the worst and best isn’t as great as many fans believe. ‘Any given Sunday’ is a popular phrase for a reason, which is why I never buy into the notion of an easy schedule because there is no such thing in the NFL.

Derrick Brown’s club is capable of upsetting Atlanta. It’s why Arthur Smith referenced the Titans loss to the 0-13 Colts in 2011 the other day at his press conference. It’s a stark reminder that any team can lose on any given day in this league, especially the Falcons.

Photographer: John Byrum/Icon Sportswire
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