Don’t Shut the Door on Kevin Durant Yet


Just when you close the door on the Atlanta Hawks failing to sign another superstar, it has yet to shut completely. Reports have come out recently that Kevin Durant and his people will meet with six teams: the Thunder, Spurs, Celtics, Heat, Clippers, and Warriors. There was no mention of Atlanta. There seems to never be a mention of Atlanta in the mix for signing a superstar. But ESPN NBA insider, Marc Stein, tweeted some very interesting and enlightening news a couple of minutes ago.

In his story, he mentions that Atlanta is trying to find a way to get in the Durant sweepstakes. He mentions that “a source of hope” for Atlanta is NBA legend, Grant Hill, who is one of the owners for this team. Hill not only was an incredible player on the court, but off the court as well. Many players nowadays look up to him, and hopefully Durant feels at home and would like to take his talents to Atlanta.

What also is talked about in Stein’s article is the idea of bringing Dwight Howard back home. He declined his $23 million player option in Houston, which has made him an unrestricted free agent. Howard would solve a rebounding problem that has haunted the team for years, but many feel that he does not fit the overall system the Hawks run.

Will the team take a chance on him? Will Kevin Durant shock the world and decide to give Atlanta a chance? Only time will tell, as the door is still slightly cracked open.

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