Who Will Stay & Who Will Go For The Braves

With July 2nd looming and the international signing period closing in, Braves fans have a lot to be excited about. New talent will be coming in with the new draft class, and there could be a few more additions to the farm system on the way via trades. With the non-waiver trade deadline coming on July 31st, these are a couple guys who have been brought up in trade talks. This is my opinion on the likelihood that they find a new home before August.


AJ Pierzynski

Stats For 2016: .197, 0 HR, 14 RBI, .474 OPS

Career Stats: .281, 186 HR. 900 RBI, .740 OPS

AJ was supposed to come in and try to do what he did last year for the Braves: Manage a young staff and hit .300. The aging backstop has had little to no impact on offense or defense this year, so unless we trade him for a low level prospect who isn’t worth much, he’s not going anywhere. It’s best to just hang on to AJ and cut our losses.

Will He Be Traded? No

Jeff Francoeur

Stats For 2016: .265, 3 HR, 18 RBI, .677 OPS

Career Stats: .262, 156 HR, 682 RBI, .721 OPS

Jeff Francoeur has been a breath of fresh air to Braves fans, and the hometown kid has been putting up good numbers in his homecoming. He’s played well enough to be brought up in trade talks, but I don’t think he’s valuable enough to command anything worth giving up the sentimental value of “Frenchy”. He Stays.

Will He Be Traded? No

Nick Markakis

Stats For 2016: .257, 2 HR, 40 RBI, .685 OPS

Career Stats: .289, 146 HR, 750 RBI, .783 OPS

After a horrid month of May, June has been a bit more kind to Nick. He still has plenty of value as a hitter and defender, along with his contract status and ability to come up clutch. I think with Hector Olivera returning on August 1st, Nick will be traded on the day of the deadline, Olivera will slot back to left field, and Ender Inciarte will move to right field.

Will He Be Traded? Yes

Jim Johnson

Stats For 2016: 1-4, 4.56 ERA, 23 K in 25.2 IP

Career Stats: 26-38, 3.73 ERA, 380 K in 544.2 IP

Don’t let JJ’s numbers fool you; he’s been dealing since his return from the disabled list. Johnson is another player who I think Coppolella will be more inclined to keep due to the limited return we would get for him.

Will He Be Traded? No

Bud Norris

Stats For 2016: 3-7, 4.22 ERA, 60 K in 70.1 IP

Career Stats: 59-75, 4.46 ERA, 962 K in 1059 IP

After Bud’s last outing consisting of 7 IP, 4 Hits allowed and 8 strikeouts, he has proven he has value on the trade market. I think Bud will be moved for 2 low level minor league players like Uribe and Johnson were; hopefully these guys will be bats.

Will He Be Traded? Yes

Arodys Vizcaino

Stats For 2016: 1-2, 1.59 ERA, 44 K in 32.2 IP (9 Saves)

Career Stats: 5-4, 2.55 ERA, 102 K in 88.1 IP (19 Saves)

Like Craig Kimbrel, there is a lot of value in trading a closer. Viz is on a 50 win club, and 50 win clubs don’t need closers. I just hope the package we receive for Vizcaino is what he’s worth. We can get a good haul for a guy who was suspended for steroids in 2015 and was once acquired straight up for Tommy La Stella.

Will He Be Traded? Yes

Julio Teheran

Stats For 2016: 3-7, 2.46 ERA, 99 K in 106 IP

Career Stats: 43-37, 3.30 ERA, 641 K in 739.1 IP

Without a doubt, I believe 100% that the Braves can get an offer for Julio Teheran from Boston or another team that is just too good to resist. What I DO NOT believe is that an offer like that will come before July 31st. Julio stays put, for now.

Will He Be Traded? No

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