Evaluating every Hawks rumor leading up to the draft

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It’s the time of the year were the rumor mill is running rampant. Everywhere you turn, there is a new player the Hawks are targeting in the draft or a trade brewing. It’s nearly impossible to decipher what is true and what is false, and there is probably a bit of truth to each report. Travis Schlenk is an aggressive and intelligent general manager. Of course he is exploring his options and doing his due diligence. The truth is only Schlenk and his trusted advisors know what is going to happen on draft night, but I’ll give you the BS factor of each rumor before we find out the truth tomorrow.

Note: The BS meter goes from 1-10 – with 10 being there is no truth to it

The Hawks are aggressively looking to package the 8th pick and 10th pick and move up to 4 

BS Meter: 5

I’m 50/50 on this rumor. To me, this is a three-man draft, and the guy drafted at 17 could be better than the one available at four. Many sources reported that the Hawks attempted to move up to three in a trade with the Knicks. That makes sense, as I and many others are incredibly high on RJ Barrett’s potential. A Barrett and Young backcourt would be a tremendous starting point for an NBA team trying to turn things around. However, I don’t think the fourth pick is worth the eighth and tenth. That said, if Schlenk has eyed out a player, like Jarrett Culver (which has been reported), who he believes is a clear cut above the rest, nobody can fault him for moving up.

Hawks are interested in an Al Horford reunion

BS Meter: 9

When Al Horford left Atlanta, he did not do so on good terms. His whole family called out the fans, which makes little sense because the only people who care were the ones cheering him on every night for nine seasons. It’s not our fault more people in the city would not show up to see you. But that is neither here nor there. What you are wondering is if there will be a reunion? The answer is a firm no. Horford didn’t opt out of $30 million and take a pay cut to come back to Atlanta. He did so to ring chase. Besides, the Hawks don’t need a tweener PF/C in his mid-30s that will take up cap space. I don’t think there is interest from either side.

Hawks have expressed trade interest in Kevin Love

BS Meter: 7

I’ve heard this from a few “sources.” I give this a seven because I highly doubt it happens. I don’t see the point in adding Kevin Love and his massive contract to the team unless Cleveland is open to coughing up their fifth pick for the 10th. Then this might gain some traction. Even still, does Travis Schlenk want to invest a humongous chunk of the financial flexibility he will have in 2020 in Kevin Love? I do believe these two teams have exchanged multiple trade scenarios; something might happen, but I’d be shocked if Kevin Love became a Hawk.



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