Ex Falcons GM talks viral video of Terry Fontenot, Arthur Blank

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The Falcons shocked their fan base when they drafted Michael Penix in last Thursday’s first round, and at one point, it looked like it had shocked Arthur Blank.

There was a viral video following the selection where it appeared that Terry Fontenot was explaining the selection to the Falcons owner, sparking widespread speculation that Atlanta’s GM hadn’t looped his boss into the draft plans.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Arthur Blank is one of the most involved owners in the NFL, and a report from Charles Robinson confirms he signed off on the decision to draft Michael Penix.

“And the most important part of that decision: Team owner Arthur Blank signed off on it. This is what multiple sources with knowledge of the decision told Yahoo Sports, including those aligned with the Falcons, Penix and Cousins, whose career has now seemingly been locked into a countdown in Atlanta.”

Where Robinson loses me is his next comment.

“Gone is the notion that Blank was somehow in the dark when it came to the Falcons’ plans to target Penix…”

There has been no point in his tenure as the organization’s owner in which Arthur Blank has not been made aware of major decisions like a first-round pick. There never should’ve been a ‘notion that Blank was in the dark’  because he’s always been in the know.

Falcons former GM Thomas Dimitroff spoke to this on a recent interview with Kay Adams, telling the host of Up & Adams that, “There are never surprises for an owner like Arthur Blank…”

What’s more likely is Terry Fontenot explaining the thought process of trading back into the first round for a specific player.

The Falcons were reportedly trying to move back into the first round for Laiatu Latu, according to Steve Wyche. It just so happens that the Michael Penix pick was announced at the moment that Fontenot was explaining that to Blank.

The Falcons owner might not be making the decisions, but he’s certainly influencing them and at the very least signing off on them. Make no mistake about it.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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