Expectedly, Falcons betting underdogs in majority of 2021 schedule

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BetMGM has posted nearly every betting line for the upcoming NFL season, minus the final week — for I don’t what reason. First and foremost, the Falcons will play seven games in Mercedez-Benz Stadium and ten away games. The additional 17th game results in Atlanta traveling to Jacksonville, as every AFC team will host an NFC opponent. The London game will essentially be an away game for both teams but counts as a home game for the Falcons. To say Atlanta has been screwed is an understatement, though some of the lines are interesting.

Disclaimer: Each line is from the point of view of the Falcons, i.e., ATL -3.5 favorites vs. PHI in Week 1. BetMGM only included the first 16 games of the season. Though in a matchup against the Saints, I assume the Falcons will be underdogs as they are in the first matchup.

Eagles -3.5
Buccaneers +8 
Giants +2.5
WFT -2.5
Jets -3
Dolphins +3.5
Panthers -3.5
Saints +6
Cowboys +5.5
Patriots -1.5
Jaguars +1
Buccaneers +4.5
Panthers +3.5
49ers +7.5
Lions -7.5
Bills +8.5


Teams like the Eagles, Lions, Patriots, Jets, and Jaguars have had significant roster turnover on the offensive side of the ball — whether that means a new quarterback, new coach, or new weapons. Atlanta will draw Philadelphia and New York earlier in the year, which bodes well for the good guys. Though New England, Jacksonville, and Detroit should have things running smoother later in the season.

The spreads against the Panthers indicate that both teams will be evenly matched as the home team is favored in each game. If we are to assume the Falcones will be underdogs in the final week of the season against the Saints, Atlanta is underdogs in 11 of their 17 total games. Though it rarely happens, if the Falcons only won games they were favored in, the team would finish 6-11 — a disappointing season to say the least.



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