Experts give Falcons draft class overwhelmingly poor grades

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My favorite exercise following the NFL Draft is experts grading each class, and it’s been even more fun with the Falcons this year.

Even though these kids haven’t taken a single snap with their new teams, draft pundits are praising and criticizing them or the team for picking them.

For Atlanta, the consistent theme has been negative. Most of the bad reviews don’t have anything to do with tearing down the prospects that were drafted, but rather with the organization for their unclear direction.

A very gracious Twitter user compiled a table of 20 of the industry’s most trusted names and their grades. The Falcons received overwhelmingly terrible grades, averaging out to a 1.68 GPA, which was last by country mile.

If we want to do a productive exercise, grading the Falcons’ 2021 draft class would be a better use of time.

Terry Fontenot’s first class is years removed from their rookie season and can be assessed much more accurately. Unfortunately, focusing on the 2021 draft won’t do much good for the Falcons general manager’s resumé either.

Kyle Pitts has struggled in recent seasons, but those can be attributed to poor quarterback play and injuries. Richie Grant is closer to a bust than a good pick, especially for a second-round selection. Jalen Mayfield is no longer with the team. Darren Hall is also out of Atlanta, as well as Frank Darby. The jury is still out on Ta’Quon Graham.

The only ‘great’ pick the Falcons had from that cycle seems to be Drew Dalman, who has established himself as one of the league’s better centers. Considering he was taken in the fourth round, that is a roaring success.

As far as the most recent draft class, it looks like the Falcons reached on most of their picks because it doesn’t match up with the national media’s rankings. It could end up being a disaster, but we won’t know for years to come.

Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire

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