Falcons’ $180 million QB among NFL’s biggest losers following NFL Draft

Kirk Cousins Falcons

Every offseason, many free agents wait to sign with teams until after the NFL Draft to guarantee their role won’t be diminished by a rookie.

For the Falcons, that isn’t necessarily the case with Michael Penix and Kirk Cousins because there’s no scenario where the rookie beats the veteran out in training camp unless injuries are involved.

However, it doesn’t make Cousins any less of a loser when it comes to the 2024 NFL Draft, according to Bill Barnwell of ESPN.

Loser: Kirk Cousins, QB, Falcons

Well, you can’t say you’re surprised. You don’t need me to reiterate the shock that came when the Falcons drafted Michael Penix Jr. with the No. 8 pick, but imagine how it must have felt from Cousins’ perspective. The new Atlanta quarterback reportedly didn’t know the Falcons were considering Penix until the selection was made. The organization didn’t even pursue Penix heavily, as the Washington quarterback didn’t make a pre-draft visit to Atlanta. It is one of the most stunning top-10 picks in recent memory.

I have had a range of emotions with this entire saga.

First, it was obviously a surprise, which most people felt. It turned into confusion and frustration with the organization. At this point, I’ve come around on Michael Penix as a prospect and have turned angry towards those who continue to play the sympathy card on behalf of Kirk Cousins.

Could the Falcons have added a prospect that could help them in 2024? Absolutely.

Does Kirk Cousins have a right to be frustrated with the organization? Yes, of course.

Does that mean the Falcons have to cater to his every beck and call now? Hell no.

The club did what it thought was best for the Atlanta Falcons, not Cousins. Even if I disagree with their process, I can respect the conviction in which they had to execute it.

Characterizing Cousins as a ‘loser’ following the NFL Draft is a bit misleading because he’s not in danger of losing his job as long as he performs up to the standard he set in Minnesota. The only way the Falcons replace Cousins is from an injury.

Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

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