Falcons: 2-year, $100 million fully guaranteed contract for Kirk Cousins?

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With free agency just days away, the Falcons are gearing up for a potential sprint when the opening bell sounds.

Kirk Cousins seems to be the top target for Atlanta, but the fan base is split on the idea of adding a 36-year-old coming off a torn Achilles. So, let’s lay out the pros and cons.

For some of the negative aspects, Cousins is older and coming off a major injury. He’s not going to be the answer for the next decade, which sticks in the craw of some fans. Also, are we sure he can win a Super Bowl in Atlanta?

First and foremost, you’re either a hater or dense if you don’t think Cousins is a substantial upgrade at the position and the best option to maximize the Falcons potential in 2024. Now, he might not be the long-term answer, but among the available options, Cousins gives Atlanta the best chance to win this season.

Moreover, the goal is to win the Super Bowl, but who are we kidding? Let’s just get back to the damn postseason first, people.

Though he’s not the long-term answer, that could be seen as a silver lining. Regardless of the length, the Falcons won’t be attached to the veteran for more than three years it seems. If worse comes to worse, the club could move on in a couple of seasons, depending on the contract guarantees.

The contract seems to be the most divisive topic among Falcons fans, though. There’s some noise about the club’s willingness to acquiesce to his contractual demands for a lot of guarantees, whether that be in money or years, which the Vikings are apparently less keen on doing.

Joel Corry of CBS SportsĀ weighed in on a potential price point and came up with this figure — $125 million over three years; $41,666,667 per year, worth up to $131 million with incentives; $85 million in overall guarantees. On the other hand, Field Yates says he wouldn’t be surprised if Cousins winds up signing a two-year, $100 million fully guaranteed contract.

I do believe Corry is closer to the mark, and I think Kirk Cousins would take less per year and overall for more security. Again, that guarantee could be money or years. If this is Cousins’ last deal, I don’t see a two-year contract being his preference.

Photo: John Byrum/Icon Sportswire

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