Falcons among betting favorites to draft these QBs

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A lot has been made about Justin Fields’ next team odds being taken off of DraftKings with the Falcons as overwhelming favorites to bring the Georgia native to Atlanta in a trade.

According to Mike Florio, the Dirty Birds were -225 favorites, with the Bears next at +240, the Steelers at +340, and the Raiders at +800. As I said, DraftKings removed the odds, but Florio says, “They have since returned.”

I cannot find those odds anywhere, so it does seem like they’ve been removed, but I just want to play devil’s advocate. Justin Fields next team odds have shifted dramatically in an instant several times over the last couple of weeks.

When DraftKings released their opening odds, the Falcons were right behind the Bears at +140.

Then, the odds shifted drastically in favor of another team, the Steelers. Pittsburgh, with former Falcons head coach Arthur Smith, was the favorite to land Justin Fields at -125 odds after starting out at +550. Atlanta’s odds of acquiring Fields plummeted by a good bit at +550 at the time.

But last week, the odds swung back to the Falcons. On February 20th, Atlanta was a -130 favorite to be Justin Fields’ next team, followed by Pittsburgh at +350.

The situation is obviously fluid, and DraftKings taking the odds down could be for any number of reasons. Moreover, if you look at other quarterbacks’ next team odds, the Falcons are among the favorites to acquire them.

If Kirk Cousins doesn’t re-sign with the Vikings, the Falcons were the team with the next best odds to sign him. The same can be said for Baker Mayfield.

In that same breath, according to FanDuel’s odds,  the Falcons are +500 to draft J.J. McCarthy, the same odds as the Broncos and Vikings. Additionally, Atlanta has the second-best odds behind the Seahawks (+400) to draft Michael Penix at +450 odds, the same as Minnesota.

My point is that the Falcons are going to be connected to every single potential quarterback target because it’s clear they need one. Justin Fields’ next team odds don’t signify anything definite.

Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

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