Falcons come to terms with 3X Pro-Bowler Justin Bethel

The mutual interest between special teams star, Justin Bethel, and Atlanta has been reported throughout the week, as the Falcons special teams certainly was an area of weakness in 2017. Early Sunday morning, the two sides were able to come to terms on a deal with the former Arizona Cardinal.

Do not expect Bethel to make too much of an impact on the defensive side of the ball. His coverage skills are below average, and on a team with plenty of cornerback options, it is unlikely he sees much time on defense unless the Falcons are struck by the injury bug. What makes him special is his speed and physicality when attacking ball carriers. That is what has led to his three pro-bowl appearances as a gunner on punt coverage.

Bethel is another low-cost signing that will sure up an area of concern heading into the 2018 season. Given the Falcons came into free agency with very limited cap space, they have done a good job not putting all their chips into one player, and addressing most of their weaknesses as they approach the NFL draft.


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