Falcons: Could Terry Fontenot reunite with Nick Easton?

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We all know the New Orleans Saints are in the worst standing with the salary cap in the entire league, and they have begun trimming the fat off, i.e., cap casualties — the first, Nick Easton.

Easton did suffer a few concussions this year and was expected to be released this offseason — so it’s no surprise. He is a veteran guard/center who played a valuable role for New Orleans in solidifying their offensive line, starting 15 games over the past two years. The former Minnesota Viking is the perfect combination of “affordable” and “good enough.”┬áHe could provide depth at center and also potentially start at left guard if Matt Hennessey pans out.

However, the concerns with Easton start with his health. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if he retired this offseason. Three concussions in one year typically causes rash decisions, but per his pressure-percentage-per-block rate, he is very serviceable. Easton could likely compete for a starting job.

Depth is really where Easton’s value lies, but James Carpenter wasn’t inspiring in 2020, and competition is of the utmost importance for Atlanta this offseason.

Easton’s days of playing like a starter in Minnesota are over. However, he could still be a mentor for Atlanta’s younger offensive linemen while playing a backup-role at guard and center. Terry Fontenot will surely have a thought or two on Easton as he’s the one who brought him into the Saints organization as a free-agent.

If Fontenot thinks Easton has something left in the tank, he should be considered. But I get the sense that his NFL career is coming to an abrupt end, unfortunately. It really is sad when a player is forced out of the league because of injury.

Photo: Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire

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