Falcons: Deshaun Watson claims $230M fully-guaranteed contract not the reason he chose Cleveland

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Deshaun Watson‘s introductory press conference happened Friday afternoon, a highly anticipated moment that allowed members of the media to finally ask some difficult questions that needed answers. Outside of the barrage of questions regarding Watson’s 22 sexual assault allegations, one pertains to the Falcons.

If you didn’t see any of the press conference, I suggest going and watching some because it truly is revealing. Watson was up there like he had no PR help beforehand, and to some degree, just flat-out lying. The Clemson product claims the reason he chose Cleveland wasn’t tied to the record-breaking $230 million fully-guaranteed contract he received from the Browns.

I mean, that’s just categorically false. Watson claims he didn’t even know about the offer until after deciding, but reports from the Schefters and Rapoports of the world indicated that it was a done deal with Atlanta until Cleveland came in at the last second with a massive offer to steal him away from the Falcons. We know how close the Falcons were to landing Watson. According to ESPN, he corresponded with Leonard Fournette and Jarvis Landry over FaceTime about joining forces in Atlanta.

Here’s an illustration of how close the Falcons were to getting quarterback Deshaun Watson: Several sources say Watson corresponded with free agents Jarvis Landry and Leonard Fournette about playing together in Atlanta, very possibly over FaceTime. As of Thursday night, the feeling was Watson expected to go to Atlanta. And Atlanta thought it had Watson, who was considering the pass-catching weapons who could join him there — until Cleveland came with a deal that would be nearly impossible to refuse.

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