Falcons fans need to hear these comments from Michael Penix’s past opponents

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Now that we distance ourselves from the NFL Draft, Falcons fans are further digesting the Michael Penix, Kirk Cousins saga.

There’s an entire spectrum of reactions at this point. Some still haven’t budged an inch on either the idea of Penix as a prospect or the entire process. Others can’t get over the process but have come around on Penix as the future in Atlanta. While a portion of the fan base was excited about Penix before Day 2 even kicked off.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there’s no arguing the arm talent of Penix. Kirk Cousins is never going to ‘wow’ defenses with his arm. The veteran plays within a system and uses his intangibles to gain an edge.

Penix may never develop between the ears, but the kid’s got all the physical ability in the world. The southpaw has a rocket launcher attached to his body, and he’s a very good athlete despite rarely using his legs at Washington.

If you need more convincing than his masterpiece in the College Football Playoff semifinal against Texas, listen to some of these comments from his former opponents, who spoke to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg under anonymity.

“I was a big fan of Penix. The arm talent was just so special,” a Pac-12 defensive coordinator told Rittenberg.

Despite it being a slightly wonky situation with Kirk Cousins in the fold, one that could turn toxic, the Pac-12 defensive coordinator, who faced Penix and the Huskies, believes it could benefit him.

“Nix is going to a head coach [Sean Payton] that really believes in him, just like Drew Brees. It’s kind of an awkward situation for Penix, but I’m a believer in a rookie quarterback sitting and watching and observing how the vets do it.”

The Falcons revealed that, during a private workout in which the team’s brass traveled across the country, Penix came out in disgustingly wet Seattle weather and threw cold, hard footballs unlike anyone they’d ever seen. It’s not hard to imagine the Falcons falling in love with him in this environment.

A guy like Penix is going to get a lot of OOHs and AHHs in a setting like a pro day. The Falcons, along with a few other clubs, clearly liked what they saw watching Penix throw with no pass rush or coverage while also running a sub-4.60 40-yard dash at Washington’s pro day.

“The way he threw at his pro day and the way he ran, I felt he was gaining a lot of momentum. I thought, ‘Somebody’s going to take him in the first round and probably in the first 15 picks,” an anonymous power conference coach added.

The Falcons will obviously have to do a lot of coaching. Some of Penix’s mechanics need polishing, but they will primarily focus on processing and anticipation. The NFL is a different beast. Michael Penix has all of the talent in the world, but more talented signal callers have failed.

Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire

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