Falcons GM Terry Fontenot confirms Atlanta will take calls on any player

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In an interview with Justin Felder, Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot stated that he is fielding calls regarding a trade involving Julio Jones as well as other inquiries about any other player on the roster.


Felder referenced Peter King, who first reported the increased trade conversations surrounding Jones, which Fontenot points toward doing the right thing as an organization requires listening to phone calls on any player. The former Saints executive acknowledges the difficult cap situation the Falcons are currently in and that it’s what they must do in this situation.

Obviously, as meticulous as Fontenot is, he knew the financial difficulties taking a job in Atlanta would bring. He credits the rest of the front office for getting this far but realizes there is still work to be done as the Falcons are just under the league’s $182.5 million salary cap without enough cash to sign the 2021 NFL draft class.

Fontenot is weighing each offer he receives regardless of the player, and that may be difficult for some fans to hear, but it doesn’t mean he is shopping Julio Jones or anyone else. It suggests he is a level-headed leader who can detach emotion from the more logical conclusion if need be. If any offer blows him away and benefits the team immediately and in the future, expect Fontenot to be able to pull the trigger without consequence.

With all that being said, I doubt any offer will be enough to move Jones out of a Falcons uniform, but Fontenot has made it clear that if you pay a particular price, everyone is on the trade block.



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