Falcons: Grading the 2019 draft class 14 games in

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Let me preface this by saying these are all knee jerk reactions, but that’s what being a football fan is all about. These grades are based on 2019 performance only, not on long term potential, and purely on on-field performance and draft position. Players who haven’t played as much but were drafted late get a little more leeway, and vice versa.


Offensive Guard, Chris Lindstrom: C-

He’s played very well in limited action, but sorry Chris, the best ability is availability. You can’t miss the whole season and be a success in my eyes. This grade could 100% change after next season, but for now…not a passing grade.


Offensive Tackle, Kaleb McGary: C+

Kaleb McGary has had some solid games so far and a couple of games where he was whipped up and down the field. I was going to push him to a B-, but then I remembered the Falcons gave up nine sacks in a game I attended. Like Lindstrom, he’s a work in progress and will improve. But for 2019… he’s been about average.


Cornerback, Kendall Sheffield: C+

Sheffield has played the most out of any of the defensive players drafted, and he’s been solid so far. Growing pains are normal for rookies, especially ones taken in the fourth round.  He’s done about all you can ask and a little more for a player who was not expected to receive much run as a first year player.


Defensive End, John Cominsky: C-

I love John Cominsky, and I think he’s going to be an excellent rotational piece for this line. For now though, he has five tackles in a rotation he should have cracked already – a tad disappointing for a fourth-round pick.


Running Back, Qadree Ollison: D+

As thin as this team is at RB, Ollison should be making more of an impact. Granted, the Falcons offensive line isn’t a group of worldbeaters, but 2.3 YPC is… not ideal. Ollison is, unfortunately, getting the Brian Hill treatment from Dan Quinn.


Cornerback, Jordan Miller: D

I’m still a fan of Jordan Miller, but the fact of the matter is, he hasn’t played. He’ll get some reps with Desmond Trufant on IR; we’ll see what he’s made of in the coming weeks.


WR Marcus Green: F-

Not much to say. He was a 6th round pick and was cut in August. He hasn’t cracked the WR rotation for the Eagles, which could be the worst in football. Absolute waste of a pick.

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