Falcons: Grady Jarrett expresses confidence in Marlon Davidson

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This Falcons defensive front would look much more impressive if the team’s 2020 second-round pick took a monumental sophomore leap. Marlon Davidson was hampered his rookie year by injuries, as well as a couple of stints on the COVID-19 list. Still, that didn’t make him any less motivated this offseason; as Tori McElhaney noted, the former Auburn Tiger showed up to camp in incredible shape.

Not only is Tori noticing Davidson’s progression, but Grady Jarrett has noticed his improvements and development.


Big questions surround Davidson this year, but the potential is there after hardly playing his rookie year.

As a scheme fit, Davidson benefits more than anyone in this draft class from this new regime. Gary Emmanuel has already stated that Davidson will begin this year with a new slate after little to no action during his rookie year. During his introductory conference call with the Atlanta media a year ago, Davidson reaffirmed his ability and willingness to move around the defensive front. “I can play it all,” Davidson said. “Whatever they want me to be, that’s what I’m going to be. If they want me at 285, 280 playing a big end on the edge, or if they want to kick me inside, I can do it all.” That is exactly what the Falcons are going to expect out of him this year. He’s the perfect size and length to play a five-technique next to Jarrett as Davidson is a stout run defender but won’t be relied upon nearly as much to get after the passer. This is effectively a redo of his rookie year, but will he show any support for Jarrett?


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