Falcons hire Reese’s Senior Bowl area scout to front office role

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: FEB 04 Reese s Senior Bowl

The Falcons announced several promotions for the most prominent figures in their front office. 

Kyle Smith was promoted to assistant GM and former Bears GM Ryan Pace to director of player personnel. A lot of people have great things to say about Smith, but just like it takes 53 guys to win a Super Bowl, the little guys in the front office are integral to the overall function of the group.

And the most recent addition to that facet of the organization comes over from the Reese’s Senior Bowl. Brian Zeches was an area scout for the college football All-Star game and joins Atlanta’s front office as a player personnel coordinator.

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Brian on this accomplishment. Secondly, I want to address what Jim Nagy is doing in Mobile. The Reese’s Senior Bowl has revolutionized the NFL Draft process.

Look no further than the Falcons, who consistently dip into the crop of prospects during the draft. It produces high character seniors that showcase their skillset in a different format than the NFL Combine or Pro Days.

It’s also cool that the Senior Bowl isn’t only placing players in the league but also coaches, front office personnel, and more. It’s a raging success, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

Photographer: Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire
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