Falcons: How the quarterback market shakes out will determine how valuable the 4th overall pick is

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There are multiple reports out now that the Eagles will be moving on from Carson Wentz, and the Broncos are done with Drew Lock. Listing all the teams behind the Falcons in the draft that have question marks surrounding their starting quarterback for next season are the Eagles (#6), Panthers (#8), Broncos (#9), Patriots (#15), WFT (#19), Bears (#20), and Colts (#21). Realistically, Philadelphia will move Carson Wentz to either Chicago or Indianapolis, which would eliminate one of those teams. But at the very least, there will be six teams with the motive to move up to the fourth pick; It is all dependent on Wentz leaving Philly, which seems inevitable.

There is a possibility that the Eagles, with a new head coach, decide to draft their next franchise quarterback. That would mean other teams in need of one will have to jump Philly to have their pick of the class. The video below is a subtle tell that Fontenot just wants all avenues open for the fourth pick.

The more quarterback-needy teams, the better for Fontenot and the Falcons. Atlanta’s front office could drive the price up, pitting several teams against each other. Whichever organizations looking to move up in the draft will certainly be calling Fontenot to start conversations, and I’m sure he will very meticulously take note of each and every one. I am excited to see what he can do on draft night, given his history with the Saints.

Mickey Loomis, New Orleans’ general manager, has had a profound effect on Fontenot — who referenced Loomis on a podcast recently as someone he looks up to. Loomis has long been touted, similarly to Ozzie Newsome, as ultra-aggressive in the NFL draft. He has traded up 17 times over the past 13 years, including nine cases where they traded a future year’s draft choice in the deal. He has been quoted saying, “If you like the player, go get ’em. That’s our philosophy.”

The Falcons might not trade up, but anyone who has traded up that often knows exactly what something like the fourth pick is worth. It is similar to an offensive or defensive player experiencing the other side of the ball. They have an advantage because they know what their opponents are thinking. Fontenot is familiar with the angle teams use when trading up; he could potentially fleece another organization trying to do just that — especially the ones who are poorly run, quarterback-needy franchises.

How the rest of the offseason progresses, particularly with the quarterbacks, will dictate how many suitors Terry Fontenot will have for the Falcons’ fourth overall pick.

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