Falcons: Kaleb McGary’s contract details revealed

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The Falcons re-signed Kaleb McGary earlier this week to what appeared to be a team-friendly deal, and the details revealed exactly that.

Many speculated McGary would rival Mike McGlinchey for the top right tackle on the open market, but that couldn’t be further from reality. McGary is earning slightly north of $11 million per season, while the new Broncos’ tackle is making $17.5 million.

I think most people would argue McGlinchey is the superior player. He’s been more consistent over his career, and though he might not be great in pass protection, he’s better than McGary. With that being said, there’s no scenario where he’s $6.5 million per year more expensive.

Despite McGary’s struggles and inconsistencies, this is a phenomenal deal for the Falcons. Essentially, it’s a two-year deal. Atlanta can part ways before the third and final year of the contract while only incurring a $2 million dead cap hit.

McGary is a complete liability for most NFL teams, who don’t run nearly as much as the Falcons. He’s still highly suspect in pass sets. But in Arthur Smith’s offense, the former first-round pick is an asset. The Falcons rarely ask him to handle a premier pass rusher on an island; the run heavy offense accentuates McGary’s skillset best, and he regularly receives help on passing downs — i.e., play action, chip blocks, max protection, etc.

Moreover, continuity along the offensive line is critical to a unit’s overall success. Chris Lindstrom and McGary formed one of football’s most menacing run blocking duos last year. There weren’t many situations around the league that were more successful than the Falcons running behind the right side of its line of scrimmage.

It’s crazy to think some people believed franchise tagging Kaleb McGary was a possibility at one point because this deal clearly says it was never on the table.

Photographer: Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire

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