Falcons: Kyle Pitts matches regular-season touchdown total in 2022 Pro Bowl

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The Falcons sent only two players to the 202 Pro Bowl — Kyle Pitts and Josh Harris. After being selected to the Pro Bowl in his rookie season, Pitts scored a touchdown in Las Vegas — a five-yard pass from Kyler Murray on fourth and goal in the game’s final quarter.



Pitts’ one touchdown on Sunday actually matched his regular-season total, and if we wanted to get technical, it was his first touchdown in America. His only touchdown came against the Jets when Atlanta traveled across the pond to London.

Because of his physical attributes, Pitts is obviously one of the premier red zone targets in the league, even if Arthur Smith didn’t highlight him nearly enough during his first season as Falcons head coach. Getting Pitts more targets in the red area has to be a priority in the future.

For many years, the Falcons had the biggest, fastest, strongest receiver in the league — Julio Jones. However, there was a disproportionate amount of red zone touchdowns compared to the yards and receptions Jones was accumulating. The situations are comparable to a certain extent. Let’s just hope Smith finds ways to get Pitts the ball more often inside the 20-yard line.

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