Falcons: Kyle Pitts thinks the first four picks in the draft will be quarterbacks


On NFL Network, Florida tight end Kyle Pitts said that he thinks the first four picks of Thursday’s NFL draft will be quarterbacks, which would mean he likely is not heading to Atlanta. However, following his pro day on March 31st, he said that the Falcons have a real interest in him.


In a post-workout interview, the former Gator said he had multiple zoom meetings with representatives from the Falcons, who made plans to continue to communicate in the future. Things seem to have changed in his mind for whatever reason, but this doesn’t mean the Falcons are taking a quarterback.

There is a real possibility Atlanta trades back, and whichever team trades up selects said fourth quarterback. Though one prospect’s feeling doesn’t hold any water, and I’d expect the Falcons to have made contact with Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Kyle Pitts, Penei Sewell, and every other potential prospect the new regime is considering based on simple due diligence. This is nothing more than an opinion which Pitts was asked to give.

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