Falcons land Lamar Jackson via trade in latest NFL mock draft

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Many believe the Ravens will eventually agree to terms with Lamar Jackson on a new contract, including myself. Baltimore has completely shaped the offense around Jackson’s skillset; it’s hard to imagine a scenario where he isn’t the team’s quarterback. Still, the gap between the two sides in contract negotiations leaves the door open for a team like the Falcons to potentially swoop in and steal the former MVP.

Atlanta is considered the favorite for Jackson if he does leave Baltimore, and presented a scenario in his latest mock draft where the Falcons trade for him. Here is what he had to say about the deal:

The Falcons move Jackson in a blockbuster with the Falcons and are still able to land Stroud inside the top 10. More brilliant GM’ing from Eric DeCosta. In the deal, the Ravens get this selection, 2024 first-round and second-round picks from Atlanta along with 2025 second-round and fourth-round picks.

Trapasso meant to say the Ravens move Jackson in a blockbuster.

The total haul of draft picks would be two first-rounders, two second-rounders, and a fourth-round pick. That’s about what the market calls for, considering the past deals for Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson. In this scenario, the Ravens would have to franchise tag Jackson with a subsequent trade following.

If this scenario worked out, Falcons fans should be irate. A talent like CJ Stroud falls after Atlanta trades the selection would be an all-time move for both of these franchises and typical for both. The Ravens seemingly navigate the draft perfectly every year, and the Falcons do the opposite more often than not.

If the Falcons see one of the quarterback prospects as a franchise-altering player, they should do everything in their reach to acquire him. CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, or Will Levis could all be that franchise quarterback. Hell, in that right situation, I believe Anthony Richardson could be the guy if he can refine his illustrious physical talent.

I would love to land Lamar Jackson, but at the expense of a younger, cheaper CJ Stroud would rub salt in the wound.

Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire

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