Falcons owner Arthur Blank passes NFLPA report card with flying colors

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Many Falcons fans aren’t too fond of Arthur Blank for one reason or another, but make no bones about it, the players love him in Atlanta.

The NFLPA just released their annual report cards for each team, and the organization’s owner passed with flying colors, earning an A- grade, which ranked 9th out of 32 owners.

“Club owner Arthur Blank receives a rating of 9.1/10 from the Falcons players when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities (9th overall).”

The Falcons received a failing grade for their facilities this year and last year, but immediately following the release of the 2023 NFLPA report cards, Arthur Blank broke out his checkbook.

The Falcons announced significant upgrades to the training complex, including a two-story strength and conditioning space, building brand new locker rooms, and renovating their dining services area. In total, it is an estimated $25-30 million investment into these projects.

Arthur Blank may not be thought of fondly among Falcons fans, but players love him. For all of his faults, Atlanta’s owner is willing to spend if it translates to wins. That may not seem like a big deal to some fans but just ask Bengals fans. That is a cheap owner.

Blank has his faults, primarily butting into football operations, but in the big picture of NFL ownership, the Falcons’ lead man is a great owner. Mercedes-Benz Stadium may be expensive, but it’s a hell of an experience. The tailgating is still an awesome time. Despite failing on the field, Blank has done wonderful things for the city.

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