Falcons owner reveals bad blood over the Julio Jones trade

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There has been minimal reporting on the aftermath of the Julio Jones trade, as many try to move past the difficult separation. However, at the first practice of training camp, Arthur Blank addressed the situation and revealed there might still be some bad blood between the two parties.

Blank used the phrase “once a Falcon for life” in reference to Jones, and stated that he was disappointed Jones wanted to be traded. The Falcons owner then reverted to the Falcons by saying they’re focused on the guys who want to be here — a crafty diversion to get attention back to players currently on the roster.

It is no secret how disappointed everyone in Atlanta is over Jones’ departure, but it seems Blank may have taken this loss a little more personally. Blank sees many of his players as an extension of the organization and, therefore, himself, making football a messy business. He’s a great owner, but sometimes he cares about individuals too much rather than the collective well-being of the organization. Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot seem to be a breath of fresh air in that aspect. They want players who want to be there. Unfortunately, this won’t be the last we hear about Jones, and this could go on until Blank reaches a resolution with Jones, which could take years or until one of the men retire.




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