Falcons QB room is “unquestionably the league’s most improved”

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The Falcons are going to continue to dominate headlines until some resolution is met with their quarterbacks, regardless of what happens.

Atlanta has made their bed and must lie in it now. If the Michael Penix pick works, the Falcons will ideally go from two to four seasons of making the postseason with Kirk Cousins and then undergo a smooth transition to Penix, who will elevate Atlanta’s offensive ceiling because of his superior arm talent.

We won’t know for sure, either way, for years to come, which Pro Football Focus highlighted in their one draft takeaway for Atlanta.

Atlanta Falcons: They took a gamble, but they are set at quarterback for the foreseeable future

The Falcons are, at the very least, set for three or four seasons at the quarterback position. For a GM who just watched Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder fiddle around in Atlanta, Terry Fontenot overhauled the position, as PFF notes. It’s the most improved quarterback room in 2024.

For years to come, there will be a debate about whether the Falcons should’ve taken Rome Odunze or a defensive player over Michael Penix Jr. This isn’t an indictment of Penix’s ability — he ranked sixth in the FBS in passing grade over the past two years — as much as it is a questioning of Atlanta’s process after signing Kirk Cousins.

The Falcons, though, have unquestionably the league’s most improved quarterback room in 2024. If Cousins’ Achilles injury is a problem moving forward, Penix will be good insurance in the short term. It seems likely now that Cousins won’t be in Atlanta for more than two seasons. With Penix in the fold, Atlanta knows who its quarterbacks will be for at least the next four years.

That security is seen as an asset for a team that had no sustainable succession plan after Matt Ryan’s departure.

The Falcons aren’t being criticized for their selection of Michael Penix because people don’t believe in the prospect. They are ridiculing the organization for its misuse of resources.

However, if it all goes to plan, Atlanta will be the ones laughing. That’s a big if, though. Not only will the Falcons have to successfully navigate a transition from Cousins to Penix, but that’s assuming the Washington product will turn into a franchise quarterback. That’s a crazy assumption.

What’s more likely is that the relationship with Cousins sours and Penix never turns into a high-level starter. I don’t want it to happen, but it’s the truth. For now, the Falcons have stability at the most important position across any sport. That certainly counts for something.

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