Falcons Report: Calvin Ridley recently underwent minor foot surgery

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According to Ian Rapoport, Calvin Ridley underwent minor foot surgery from Dr. Robert Anderson in Green Bay. It was purely a cleanup operation, and he should be fine for training camp.

Arthur Smith was asked multiple questions about why Ridley had not been participating in minicamp and whether it was injury-related or not. Smith responded vaguely, stating Ridley was doing everything asked of him. He went further to remind the media that injury reports weren’t mandatory in minicamp. (I love this guy)

This news isn’t great with the Julio Jones trade still fresh in the minds of fans, but the report indicates the surgery was nothing major. Hopefully, this is true and Ridley is healthy when the season begins. It would be ironic if the Falcons got rid of one recently injury-prone receiver for another one. Injuries are an unfortunate part of this game, but it’s even more gut-wrenching when it happens in the offseason. Better to take these things slowly.

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