Falcons reportedly mulling lowball offer for Julio Jones

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Josina Anderson, who is the host of Undefined, reported from a source last night that a team involved in the Julio Jones sweepstakes said, “everyone is giving (the Falcons) time to think about it…” Anderson mentioned that these comments come from a team that prefers to deal a high mid-round pick for Jones, while Terry Fontenot also absorbs a “good share” of the seven-time Pro Bowler’s salary.

It’s becoming clear that the Falcons will have to choose between maximum financial relief and maximum draft capital. Teams aren’t going to want to give up a first-round pick without Atlanta taking on a share of the contract, but they seem to be willing to part ways with a second or third-round pick and take on the entirety of the contract.

I’m not saying I agree with any of this. It’s just my take from the information provided. In reality, Fontenot shouldn’t and likely won’t trade the All-Pro receiver away for a bag of rocks. The entire point of this trade is to provide salary cap relief, and if Fontenot has to eat some of Jones’s salary, what’s the point? This can be a difficult situation for a first-time general manager, but I believe Fontenot won’t blink.

I think Fontenot would rather have a disgruntled Jones on the roster knowing he might sit out rather than take some lowball offer to set the precedent general managers around the league can take advantage of him. He doesn’t seem like that type of individual. A “high mid-rounder” isn’t even close to what Julio Jones is worth, and if that’s what the market is baring, then I don’t think he’ll be traded.


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