Falcons Reverse Jinx? Colin Cowherd: “8.5 wins? Atlanta is the safest under bet”

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The Falcons are much improved from a year ago. This is easily the best roster in the Arthur Smith era. That still hasn’t stopped the national media, outside of a few informed pundits, from taking shots at what’s being built in Atlanta. Colin Cowherd took an early look at NFL win totals and made quite a bold claim regarding the Falcons’ 8.5 win total:

Thankfully, Cowherd is notorious for being egregiously wrong a lot of the time. In fact, there is an entire Twitter account dedicated to dredging up old takes from Cowherd — Funhouse @BackAftaThis.

Falcons fans should feel very good about this reverse jinx; there might not be a member of the national media more misinformed about the Falcons than Colin Cowherd. He shoots from the hip; it’s almost impossible to know everything about all 32 teams, but it’s hilarious to hear him denounce the organization with such sweeping judgments.

Never mind the fact that the Falcons spent a gazillion dollars in free agency, mostly bolstering the defensive side of the ball. No, these talking heads just remember the Falcons of old, not what Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot are building toward.

There are a few analysts like Dan Orlovsky that pay attention to what is happening inside Flowery Branch. Cowherd saw the Saints sign Derek Carr and made up his mind right then, thinking it was the same ole team in New Orleans, but it’s not all gravy in the Big Easy.

The Saints got noticeably worse this offseason at a lot of positions other than quarterback. Moreover, Dennis Allen is still a dud of a head coach, despite nobody in the national media remembering his time with the Raiders.

The Falcons aren’t going to win 13 games en route to the 1st seed in the NFC, but the club is more than capable of taking its division and hosting a playoff game for the first time since 2017.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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