Falcons: Rich McKay — “We want to win in 2021”

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Arthur Blank and Rich McKay had their end of the year conference with the media today, and fans should be excited to hear what they had to say. First and foremost, Rich McKay said, “We wanna win in 2021… I believe you can win in this league very quickly but we’re not gonna do it by sacrificing the future.” So, Falcons fans can stop hoping for a total rebuild.

Arthur Blank is fully behind McKay and the notion the Falcons are looking to immediately compete in 2021 for a championship, and year after year past next season.

Arthur Blank on Rich McKay’s involvement, “The opportunity to work with somebody like Rich (McKay)… is a real plus. Only somebody who is a weak person or would feel like Rich would be overly involved — whatever it may be — would feel threatened by him.”

Arthur Blank on championships, “I expect every candidate to have a plan that will lead to a championship… There are gonna be some changes… Our fans should expect to win tomorrow but to plan for the future.”

Two things are certain: Rich McKay will be involved in everything regarding football operations, and the new regime will have immense pressure to deliver more wins immediately. Falcons fans can fully expect an ultra-competitive offseason without scrapping the entire roster, hence the ‘the lack of sacrificing the future’ quote from Blank. Blank and McKay are both firmly committed to winning now and the future, citing the three “down years” that they are not pleased with.

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