Falcons tease return of red helmets


The Falcons’ uniforms have gone through several changes over the years, and a fan favorite was the red helmets; however, since a 2013 rule change prevented teams from using more than one style of helmet, fans have been clamoring for the return of the retro fits. And now they’re getting their wish: in a memo sent out to NFL teams, the league stated that clubs can add a second helmet option starting in 2022. Any team that wanted to add a second helmet design had to make that decision by July 31 of last year.

Even though the one-helmet rule was initially put in place as a way to improve player safety, it seems the league is reverting. The belief was that a worn-in helmet is safer than a brand new one that hasn’t conformed to the head. Now, it seems those beliefs are out of date. The infamous red helmets that legend Tommy Nobis and the ’66 Falcons rolled out seem to be returning.


The Falcons and their fans haven’t seen the red helmets since 2013; now, Arthur Blank will roll them back out. The Falcons will have unique uniform combinations — black, white, gradient, throwback jerseys and pants with the red and black helmets. Get ready, Falcons fans, to see these classics!


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