Falcons: Terry Fontenot plans to bring in one of the biggest rookie classes this year

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In a media session today, Terry Fontenot acknowledged the salary cap as an issue and noted they have “a lot of work to do” before Atlanta can sign this draft class. He followed by saying the Falcons are planning on bringing in possibly one of the biggest rookie classes this year, according to Tori McElhaney of The Athletic.

The Falcons are currently slated to pick nine times in the draft, barring any trades. The idea behind bringing in one of the biggest rookie classes stems from Atlanta’s salary cap situation because rookie contracts are much more economical for NFL teams. There were reports that Fontenot was fielding calls regarding a trade back but that he hadn’t been offered anything he deemed fair value.

Even if the Falcons do take a player with the fourth overall pick, the rookie class can still expand by trading down in the later rounds or signing more undrafted free agents. With the least number of players under contract, Atlanta will have to acquire more bodies specifically for training camp at the very least.

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