Falcons to sport red throwback helmets multiple times in 2022 season

4880909200397 Panthers at Falcons

Last week, the Falcons announced the return of the red helmets that so many fans have been clamoring for since they last appeared in 2012. The league sent out a memo last year that clubs would be able to add a second helmet option starting in 2022. The team included a date in the announcement, which represents Atlanta’s Week 6 matchup as they host the 49ers in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

For most Falcons fans, this was great news. Everybody loves the red helmets that Tommy Nobis and the ’60s Falcons dawned. However, there were a few complaints that I saw on social media. The primary being that the Falcons would only sport the helmets once; well, it seems Falcons fans got their wish.

Brett Jewkes, the Cheif Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of AMB Group, told Kevin Knight and Evan Birchfield of the Falcoholic on Wednesday that Falcons fans will see the red helmets more than once in 2022.

“I think a lot of people interpreted the debut as the total,” Jewkes said via the Falcoholic Podcast. “Just remember this: red helmets are like potato chips.”

Everyone can’t just open a bag of their favorite chips and eat just one; no, you eat the entire bag. Jewkes didn’t specify which games the Falcons will display the helmets, but one thing is certain: they’re coming.

Photographer: Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire
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