Falcons Trim Roster to 52, List of Players Who Were Cut

falcons helmet 2020

By 4:00 PM Eastern Time today, every NFL organization had to trim their respective teams to have a 53-man roster. No one likes days like this, as seeing players lose their jobs is never enticing whatsoever. The Falcons actually have a 52-man roster currently, so they can add one more player. Below is the list of Falcons players that were cut.

  • LB Eric Lefeld
  • LB Tyler Starr
  • RB Jerome Smith
  • CB Akeem King
  • WR Carlton Mitchell
  • OL Adam Replogle
  • LB Stansly Maponga
  • LB Derek Akunne
  • OL Pierce Burton
  • NT Joey Mbu
  • TE D.J. Tialavea
  • OL Jon Asamoah (IR)
  • FB Colin Mooney (IR)
  • CB Travis Howard (IR)
  • TE Tony Moeaki
  • RB Antone Smith (Injury Settlement)
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