Falcons: Updated betting odds of teams to land Julio Jones

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Exactly a week ago, I explored the betting odds of teams to land Julio Jones, and the difference in odds in just seven days reveals that nobody, not even Vegas, has any idea where the All-Pro receiver will go. Below are the odds from a week ago of two reputable betting outlets.

According to FanDuel, the New England Patriots are currently set at +250 and are betting favorites, with the Falcons following closely behind at +300. The Titans and Ravens are further behind Atlanta set at +500, and the 49ers and WFT are set at +750, but PointsBet has the odds scattered compared to FanDuel.

The biggest difference is PointsBet doesn’t even have the Falcons listed as an option, with teams like the Saints at +4000 still listed. Pointsbet has the 49ers as the favorites to land Jones, reuniting him with Kyle Shanahan. The Colts and Chargers follow them closely with +475; then the Ravens at +600 and Patriots at +700 round out the top five.

Things have changed quite a bit over at FanDuel. The Titans and Seahawks lead the cast of hopefuls to land Jones at +300, followed closely behind by the good guys (Falcons) at +400. The Patriots fell from the favorites a week ago to slight underdogs at +450, and then there are longshots like the Colts at +1000 and Ravens at +1200.

The folks over at PointsBet have the odds a bit different with Seattle as the clearcut favorites to trade for Jones at +150, while Tennessee trails at +250, followed closely by Philadelphia at +275. The top five are rounded out by Baltimore and San Francisco at +300, and the team that led the pack just a week ago — New England — is set at +800.


The June 1st designation has come and gone, but that means the journey to find a trade partner for Julio Jones is just beginning. Terry Fontenot would be wise to weigh all of his options and pit teams against each other, but as June 2nd is here, the time to create maximum savings in a trade is also here. Falcons fans should expect a trade to take form in the near future.


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