Falcons will host a retirement ceremony for Michael Vick, Roddy White


The possibility of Michael Vick retiring as a Falcon has been tossed around the news lately. Even Vick himself stated that he had talked to the Falcons about wanting to retire as a member of the team. No news had been released from the Falcons side, however, until today.

Ian Rappaport broke the news that Atlanta would honor both Michael Vick and Roddy White on Monday.

The two will not sign a contract with the team do so, as Blank told the team’s official website, “We do not need a contract in place to consider them part of our family and honor their decision to retire as a Falcon.”

Vick was the 1st overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft and signed the league’s largest contract extension at the time before being arrested for dog fighting. Those were the last of Vick’s days in Atlanta’s, but his playmaking ability has remained dear in the city’s heart since his departure.

White was the Falcons first-round selection in 2005 out of UAB. He is the Falcons all-time leading receiver and a fan favorite. Both will now be members of Falcons’ community for life.

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