Feeling around NFL is Falcons will come away with one of these three QBs


The Falcons have been connected to nearly every quarterback that is expected to be available this offseason.

Most often, it’s been Kirk Cousins and Justin Fields, who both offer very different things for Atlanta.

The veteran will give the Falcons a quarterback that can win right now. It will be a short-term fix, though. Fields, on the other hand, could potentially be the next franchise quarterback, but there’s a risk involved that he doesn’t realize his full potential.

Baker Mayfield offers a little bit of both. He’s young enough to be a long-term solution unlike Cousins, but he also offers a much higher floor than Fields. Other than the Falcons trading up for one of the top quarterback prospects in the draft, these three seem to be Atlanta’s top targets.

In fact, according to Jeremy Fowler, the feeling around the league is that the Falcons come away with one of Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield or Justin Fields.

“As one league source put it, Atlanta has done enough work on Fields, Cousins and Baker Mayfield that the chances of coming away with one of them are fairly good.”

I’d wager that one of those three is the Falcons Week 1 starter because I still believe the Bears, Commanders, and Patriots will take quarterbacks. The only way one of Cousins, Mayfield, or Fields isn’t the starter in 2024 is if the Falcons find the answer in the draft.

With the new league year set to begin next week, this will really begin to pick up steam in Atlanta.

Photographer: Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

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