Freddie Freeman Talks Up Hector Olivera

The Braves have officially succumbed to what the media expected them to be. After lingering around .500 for most of the first half of the season, the Braves completely collapsed after the All-Star break. They currently hold the 6th worst record in all of baseball and are certainly trending downwards. However, even with the dismal way the team has preformed the past month, this might be the most exciting part of the season for most Braves fans.

Newly acquired Hector Olivera will be heading from Gwinett to Atlanta in the coming days, and Braves fans should be excited to see what they finally got from the trade that sent starting pitcher Alex Wood, top prospect Jose Peraza and more to the Dodgers. Olivera recently spent time in Florida rehabbing with current Braves star, Freddie Freeman. Freddie put to rest any concerns fans had regarding Olivera with his comments. His comments consisted of how Olivera is “a big boy” and “can put a show on in BP”. Olivera will likely be hitting behind Freeman in the lineup and hopefully protecting the Braves biggest hitting threat. Freeman seems to hold the 30-year old in high regard much like Braves GM, Jon Hart.

At 6 feet 2 inches tall weighing 220 pounds, Olivera is much bigger than he looks in pictures and will be holding down the hot corner for the Braves for years to come. GM John Hart had his eyes on Olivera when he was playing in Cuba. The Dodgers outbid the Braves for Olivera’s services, but that did not stop Hart from pursuing the Cuban star via the trade market. The blockbuster trade was completed days prior to the trade deadline, and Braves fans have been waiting to see this guy take the field. He struggled in his early rehab assignments, going only 1-17, but went 2 for 3 in his most recent assignment in Gwinnett. Olivera should be joining the Braves as early as this week, and hopefully he will be as advertised for the Braves.

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